Florence L. Koplo. CLA
Certified Legal Assistant


"When my mother passed, we needed help.
My 84 year old father had never paid bills,
and had no idea what legal work was needed.
We called Koplo Services.
After an evaluation of our situation, Florence brought all the legal documents needed, explained it in language we could understand, and handled everything
in a very professional manner."

- Harvey Alan, Boynton Beach FL

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Stop Worrying About the Bills!

We offer professional management services tailored to the needs of seniors and people with disabilities.

NO more late fees!
NO more piles of paper!
NO more feeling overwhelmed!

Whether you are an active or older adult, aging can become a challenging proposition. You may be disabled or have a disabled spouse, or even an adult with a parent living a distance away.

Having a friend, neighbor or relative to call upon for help can be instrumental when once routine tasks become difficult. But who can you call when you do not want to impose on others? And who do you know with the capability of helping with financial and other day to day matters?

Koplo Services is a personal affairs management company that was founded to assist senior citizens with both the tasks of daily life as well as to help seniors conserve their financial assets, plan their estates to minimize tax consequences, and to enable them to maintain their independence as long as possible. To meet these objectives, we provide various services to help seniors manage their personal affairs. Our staff has years of experience helping people manage from day to day, coordinating medical care, providing legal documents and other tasks specific to the needs of seniors in South Florida.

Our goal is to relieve seniors of the stress that accompanies aging day to day issues, health issues or other tragedies that befall us in later life. We are there to help solve whatever problems may come up.

We are known for our high standards of integrity and customer service. We believe that people in their latter years deserve an honorable advocate to insure the best quality of life for our clients.